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3 Reasons Why you Should Try Fruit Picking in Australia (even if you're Aussie)

Harvest works are necessary for backpackers who wants to stay in Australia for more than a year. You need to get 88 days of farmworks to apply for a second year visa and even more for a third year. People are often very apprehensive of this experience because you have to go far away from the city, staying in a small town, probably living in a tent, and eat noodles everyday. Not really the kind of holidays you wanted.

But as we say, no pain no gain !

Fruit picking is the most popular job and probably the most enjoyable to do. I mean, in my opinion ! But yet, people are scared of how hard it can be and tend to leave this obligation until the end of their visa, or worst, they’d rather go home than having to do it, which is insane! Plus, such a few australians dare to try this experience but why ? Because it is a « backpacker job » ?

I’ll tell you the reasons why everybody should try fruit picking at least once in their life. And yes, even if you are Australian.

  • To get out of your comfort zone.

Yes, it is hard but don’t you think the more you think it’s hard and the harder it gets ? You won’t grow if you don’t try new things. I am probably the physically weakest person I know and yet I got up everyday at 6am and busted my arse off until 5pm, 6 days a week ! I don’t even need to explain how I build up my mental strenght. I did 7 months of farmworks including thinning (remove some fruits to let the best ones grow bigger), prunning (trim the tree with a freaking saw) and of course, fruit picking. I had to carry a heavy ladder all day, climb in trees, avoid hideous spiders and work as fast and efficient as possible. Absolutely nothing compared to what I used to do. But to be honest, it wasn’t extremely hard, it was just a bit physical. And when I look back now, I loved it and I’m proud I did it !

Fruit picking is an amazing experience if you want to change your routine because you’ll never regret doing something new. And you’ll love it too. You'll get stronger.

  • It’s fun !

Despite the fact that it is physical, fruit picking is so cool. Farmers are usually quite laid-back and it’s easy to build rapport with them. It doesn’t feel like an actual job ! You meet new people from all around the world, you create great friendships, and it’s the real backpacker experience. You come back after a long day and you enjoy a drink with the people you’ve met at the farm, you relax and you tell each other travel stories. Everyday feels like a Friday. I was sleeping in a tent for two months, in a caravan park, and everybody would meet outside for a big barbecue at the end of the day. It didn’t matter how much my back hurt, or how itchy my mosquitoes bites were, I built some great memories there.

  • You can save tons of money

Apart from being eligible for another Working Holiday Visa, people choose to do fruit picking for the money. Most of the time, you get paid on commission, based on how many bins you fill up. It also depends on what fruit you get to pick but personally, I worked in citrus farms : mandarins and lemons. If you get to a farm where the trees are well pruned and well maintained, then you are going to find a huge amount of big fruits that will make the job easy and quick for you.

Getting paid on commission means that the harder you work, the more money you make. And because my boyfriend and I were living in a small town with no big shops, we didn’t have any reasons to spend our money on extras. We would spend $80 for two on food and roughly $60 each on accomodation per week.

By the time the picking season was finished and we were ready to hit the road for our next destination, we saved $7000 each.

Some of our friends who had better jobs and were harderworking than us even saved $15.000 within a few months.

Fruit picking is easy money, you just need to find the right place at the right time.

Farmworks are not just made for backpackers. Farmers need workforce and it gives a great opportunity to everyone to get a different experience and escape from the big city lifestyle for some time.

Now, how about ditching your boring 9 to 5 job for a road trip around Australia and stopping by some farms to finance it ?

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