• Eileen Bremer

Australia Day in Perth

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY 2019 ! It is a big celebration for the whole country, bigger than New Year, not only for Aussies but for all the people that have been fighting to stay in Australia. People from all around the world that come here and work their arses off to make a living and get a permanent visa because all they want to do is have a better life for themselves. Australia Day Fireworks are so far the best I've ever seen in my life, and the best spot to watch them is at Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth alongside the river. Sneak in throught the crowd and find yourself a nice spot and the fireworks will blast in front of you, from Langley park in East Perth and blow your mind. This year, they were sick !!!! I wish all the best to all Australians, and all new citizens and permanent residents. Well done guys.

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With love,

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