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Best Photogenic Spots in Fremantle

Fremantle is simply gorgeous. In fact, it is reknown for presenting a variety and unity of historic buildings and streetscapes.

The mediteranean climate attracts plenty of tourists and the architectural style inspires so many artists.

Want to fill up your Instagram with some great content? Fremantle is the place to be. I specialise in travel and lifestyle photography, so I grabbed a friend and my camera for a photoshoot session and I show you now the best locations for amazing shots!

The Round House

The Round House was the first permanent building built in the Swan River Colony. Built in late 1830 and opened in 1831, it is the oldest building still standing in Western Australia

It is located at Arthur Head in Fremantle, and recent heritage assessments and appraisals of the precinct of the Round House incorporate Arthur Head. (from Wiki)

The first shot has been taken from High Street facing the Round House. The second shot has been taken inside. The entry only require a gold coin donation to visit this old jail that sits right on the beach.

This perspective is very popular for photographers who come to Freo.

I took this shot from the first stairs of the Round House and obviously, you need at least a 16-35mm lens to be able to zoom enough and get a wide angle at the same time, also so the subject doesn't look too tiny.

Cliff Street and Henry Street

On your way to the Round House from Market Street, have a stop on Henry Street (first photo) and Cliff Street (second and third photo). The buildings are so photogenic and their old-fashioned style will give a lovely vintage touch to your images.

Make sure to get a wide angle by holding your camera vertically to photograph tall buildings.

A red house between Henry Street and Esplanade.

Fremantle Markets Entrance

There are a few entrances to get into the Fremantle Markets, but this one has been taken on Henderson St. Mall, South Terrace.

They are open from Fridays to Sundays. Those days are obviously the busiest if you decide to wander around the town for some shopping. If you don’t like the crowd definitely come on a weekday and take some cute candid shots.

Tourist Wheel Fremantle

You can't got to Fremantle without stopping by the Ferris Wheel, especially if you're here for a photography session!

Skyview has been providing incredible views of Fremantle since 2013 and is beautifully located across the Fishing Boat Harbour, predomintating the Esplanade. Definitely go for a $12 ride but I personally loved the view from the ground.

Come on a weekday to avoid the crowd! And have the whole place for yourself.

Photo tip: Get for sure a wide angle holding your camera vertically.

For the editing part, I decreased the vibrance and increase the red colour of the gondolas, then added clarity and found the right balance between the lights and the shadow. Finally, I added a light dark vignette as a final effect.

I took this photo from the other side of the Ferris Wheel, accross the rails.

I brought the focus on my model to finally get this stunning perspective with a travelly-looking vibe.

Fremantle’s Ferris wheel is definitely the number one spot you should stop at. We love the colours combinations of this scenery. The Ferris wheel and its red cabins spinning between the big trees under the blue sky.

Fishing Boat Harbour

Fremantle Harbour is Western Australia's larger cargo port. There's so much history in the beauty of this town.

And such good food too! Cicerello's and Little Creatures are two very popular places when you can have a nice meal or a drink (or both!) by the water. The perfect date.

Wether it's sunny or not, the Fremantle Harbour is such a lovely place to take photos. It was actually pretty cloudy when we got there and it gave us such a cool and chilling vibe, especially because it wasn't busy at all.

St. John's Anglican Church

Situated on Adelaide Street, we love the warm colour of this architecture.

The Church is located right in front of a car park so if you get there and there's no car, take the opportunity to get a bigger angle.

For the editing part, I decreased the overall vibrance and increased the saturation of the orange to accentuate the warmth.

St. Patrick's Basilica

Basilica of St Patrick is a Roman Catholic church located on Adelaide Street. It is one of five churches in Australia with minor basilica status. (from Wiki)

I love photographing stunning architecture like this one.

Again here, wide angle holding the camera vertically, and be careful of the distortion of the model. Give it a few tries until you get the right shot.

The third photo photo has been taken inside the area where we found beautiful rose bushes.

Alice in Wonderland Mural

Such a surprising hidden gem! Whoever did this definitely deserves an award. This stunning piece of art is located on Westgate Mall on the side wall of the shop Vintage in Wonderland. I can't believe I've been living in Perth for 5 years and never heard of it!

More photos:

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Camera: Nikon D750, 16-35mm lens

Editing : Adobe Lightroom

Models : @laurasgreenlifestyle and myself

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