• Eileen Bremer

Here's Why you Should Live in Perth

Perth has been by far the best city I lived in since I left France for Australia. Not just because of all the opportunities I got or all the friends I made, but Perth has something that allows me to calm down in my darkest moments.

To tell you a bit about it, Perth is the capital of Western Australia and the fourth most populated city of the country. It is also the home to the highest per capita of self made millionaires but most of all, it is the most isolated city in the world, just after Honolulu from San Francisco, how about that ?

Perth is such a unique place to be and as I am writing this, I am admiring the pink twilight sky of a Sunday evening. Yes, I am very inspired.

So why should you choose to live in Perth ?

  • It is a big, calm city.

I used to live in big cities. It is convenient because you’re close to everything. But it’s noisy, dirty and expensive.

I also lived in the countryside. It is quiet, but to be fair, it’s boring. I don’t have my driving license so I couldn’t really get around easily.

Perth is beautifully in between. Yes, it is a « big city », but not really. I live in West Perth, just next to the busy Wellington Street, and yet, it is a quiet place. I live at one-minute walk from a train station, a bottle shop, a shopping mall and a peaceful park. You probably think that my rent is awfully pricy but it’s actually not !

The countless parks make a big difference. You can get away from a rushing day by having a walk in the closest botanic garden. It is never crowded, so you can enjoy a coffee walking around the CBD and feeling a tranquil vibe in the air.

So yes, Perth makes it easy to unwind after a tense working day. And also, it is CLEAN. And also, it’s SAFE. And also, the buses in the city are FREE. And also, people are super friendly. And also, … Okay I stop.

  • Its skyline is absolutely gorgeous.

It has changed a lot over the past 187 years and it still changes with the rising demand for appartment living. But I never get tired of admiring this amazing view of the city. With the Central Park, Brookfield Place and Bankwest Tower as the tallest buildings standing right in the middle overlooking Elizabeth Quay, Perth gives us an architectural art show days and nights. The best thing is that the whole city looks like it’s been designed for it : The Fraser avenue lookout in Kings Park, Si James Mitchell Park in South Perth, from any rooftop bar or from any hilltops near the CBD, everything seems to have been made to satisfy our eyes and to remind us how lucky we are. Yes, I should write a poem.

No wonder why it’s been listed one of the most beautiful cities in Australia ! I constantly feel like I live in a goddamn postcard ! Honestly Perth is so Insta-worthy and you’ll make everyone jealous.

  • I mean, it’s the Indian Ocean !

No need to remind you that Perth has some of the best beaches in the world. White sand, crystal-blue water, and loads of them are located just outside the city-centre. If you don’t know where to go for a swim, you have the tough choice between 19 beaches so knock yourself out : stand-up paddling, surfing, kayaking, fishing, you can do anything, the Indian Ocean and its underwater wildlife will give you the experience you want. The great thing is Perth beaches are never too crowded. If you want a real alone-time, it is easy to find a peaceful spot. You want something fun ? Jump on a boat for a cruise, you’ll be served.

How about getting away from the city ? You can take a ferry and hit the magnificient Rottnest Island in less than an hour. I have personally never seen beaches that beautiful. This wild place is absolutely amazing.

Not only most beaches in Perth are easy to access but knowing that at 10km from my place I can be walking on hot sand and soak my feet in the fresh water, looking at the view and say to myself ‘I am the happiest person on Earth’, this is priceless. If you’re from Perth and you read this, don’t you dare complaining about your life.

And speaking of view, Western Australian beaches are also loved for the incredible sunsets. You certainly see stunning sunrises on the East Coast but the view of the Sunset Coast at dusk is breathtaking. And oh gosh, it is romantic. Please come to Perth, there’s plenty of room.

  • The Swan Valley, a place of interest.

I can also say a must for tourists. Or even a sanctuary for people like me. The Swan Valley is only half an hour away from the city and yet, we have to adapt to a slower pace of life. To make it easy to picture the place, it is a big road surrounded by vines, vineyards, wineries and breweries, and the hills in the background. It is honeslty splendid. If you an adventurous fella, have a nice treck at the Bells Rapids and enjoy the calm and serenity.

Hold on, why did I say ‘sanctuary’ ? Because the Swan Valley spoils you. Free wine and cheese tasting, amazing food, sit on a comfortable chair and relax, enjoy the view, don’t look at the clock, just spend time with your loved ones.

Glorious Guilford, the main suburb of the Swan Valley, is a very charming place to go visit by the way. With its colonial architecture and convict history, Guilford is one of the three towns established during the founding of the Swan River Colony in 1829 and preserved its character.

If you are going on a family trip, you definitely need to stop by the Caversham Wildlife Park, very appreciated for its conservation programs that ensure the survival of australian animals. Check in on the morning if you don’t like the crowd as it gets easily busy.

Make your way up to visit the Cuddle farm and the Reptile Park, your kids will love you for it.

If you are going with a group of friends, don’t be shy. Get wild ! The Swan Valley provides limo tours and party buses that pick you up in the city and drives you around the Place of Tastes and make you feel like a VIP. Book a tour and choose the places you want to go and let yourself get lost with your friends, you probably deserved it.

  • It’s the closest city to Europe.

I’m not sure if it’s relevant for many of you who read this, but it is for me. There is 7 hours difference from Perth to France, my home country, versus 10 from the East Coast. Which means that I don’t have to wake up early or stand late at night to call my parents.

Plus, Perth is the closest major Australian city from London with the new Qantas direct flight launched last year, so we are only 17 hours away from Europe ! Okay, I don’t even know if I will ever take that flight one day as I can’t imagine myself not moving for so long, but I’m still closer to home !

Perth is also a direct flight away from Bali, major cities in Asia, as well as the Gulf States and Africa. You hop on a plane and boom, you’re out of here, have a great holiday.

Not bad for a very isolated city !

There are hundreds of other reasons why you should live in Perth and the best thing is that this cosmopolitan city is for everyone. Sport lovers are proud of their city as it is an important part of the Western Australian culture, nobody can resist to the charismatic Fremantle and its hippie vibe, the job opportunities are massively developing and the mediterranean climate gives us the feeling we are constantly on holiday.

Perth’s lifestyle is incredible.

Of course, no city in the world is flawless.

But mine is Perthect.

With love,

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