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Step by Step Guide for Planning a Great Trip

You're thinking of going to a particular destination but you have no idea where to start? How about going to a travel agency and get it done by someone else? Nope.

Organizing a trip seems a hell of a task but I tell you what, it is easier than you think.

The best part about it, is that it makes your travel goal more real. The whole idea is creating a real vision of it by structuring your trip. How exciting is that?

Whether you're going on a short vacation or taking a gap year, all you need to know is the basics.

So no stress, you will do well!

Where do you want to go and how long?

Here's the first question you need to answer. Think about all the places you want to go and narrow it down with the ones you are the most excited about at this very moment.

Then, it is all about your budget and your current situation.

Myself, I want to visit every single country in the world. The thing is right now, I am between jobs, so I'm thinking of somewhere close so I don't have to spend too much money. Plus, my boyfriend is going to be studying, so we can't go for long.

So, what would be the best place to visit? The answer is, Singapore. It's close to Perth, I've never been there, and it is perfect to spend a great few days.

Wherever you are, look at a map and choose where are you excited to go! It doesn't matter how long or how much money you have or can save, there will be a place you are able to visit.

If you already figured it out, let's move on to the next step.

When do you want to go?

Booking your flight means things are getting real!

You don't want to go during the big touristy season, and again it depends on your current situation. There's no best season to book a holiday, but basically if you find a deal at a really low price, just book it.

And don't try to book your whole holiday a year in advance, I mean I know it's exciting but you're definitely not getting a cheaper flight by booking that early.

If you want more infos about The Best Time to Book your Flight, check out my YouTube Video.

The weather is also fondamental in order to choose when you want to go. Look up what the weather's like in the country of your choice month per month. Singapore, as an example is in South-East Asia. There are two seasons : Wet and dry. I don't really want to face rain everyday so I'm going to pick a time in the year when I'm more likely to enjoy a great weather.

Where do you want to stay?

Finding an accomodation depends on what type of holiday you want. Getaway? Experience? Adventure?

I always search on Booking.com because there are so many options for all budgets. I also love Airbnb.com to really get with the locals, and again there is a whole range of prices.

You also need to look up which area you want to stay. City? Countryside? So this way you will know the distance from the airport and figure out how you're going to get there, whether it's taxi or public transport.

It's okay to be picky! What I do is I choose between 7 and 10 accomodations I really like, and then I look for the pros and cons of each one until I get to my ultimate choice.

Singapore is known to be very expensive and also very cosmopolitan. Chinatown and Little India are the two districts where you can find cheap food and accomodation. Because I don't want to spend my day in a hotel, I'm just going to pick one cheap, cosy, clean place and possibly near a train station.

What to pack?

Good question! My forever advice is pack as light as possible. I know the feeling, you are tempted to take so many clothes but trust me if you pack up your suitcase with 25 outfits we all know you're only going to wear half of them.

You want your trip to be easy and it starts with the weight of your luggage. If you worry too much, you can still find a landromat near your hotel so you can wash your clothes and wear them again, that's not a problem! But at least, you make it easy to walk around and not dragging a massive suitcase.

The little bonus is you will have enough space left for your souvenirs!

However there are some essentials you can't forget to take with you : An adaptor to charge your devices and a external battery are the things that can save your trip.

Good shoes, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and rainjacket will definitely help you through any type of weather.

And if you realise you forgot something, don't worry, just buy at the airport!

You can also watch my YouTube video What's in my Travel bag?

What about the money?

I heard people saying all the time "I want to travel but I don't have money." I tell you a worldwide fact : You work, you have money. You pay your bills and you save with what's left. It doesn't matter if it's $1000 or $10, it still adds up, right? And if you want more money, work more! The equation is simple.

So travelling starts by saving money. If you want to know more about this, you can read my article 7 Easy and Smart Ways to Save Money for your Travels.

Then you need to work out roughly how much you are going to spend during your trip, including your flight, accomodation, and activities.

Don't forget to let your bank know where and when you are away so they can send you notifications and alerts everytime you do a cash out or pay with your card, so you feel safe. If the bank notices a fraud, they will block your card straight away.

Look up the local currency and make sure you arrive at your destination with some local cash and always have some on you at all time.

What do to?

The most exciting step! I don't recommend to set up a whole itinary because you never know what can happen, good things or bad things.

You don't want to be disappointed over things that are actually irrelevant so write down the main activities you'd like to do with the location and the price (I always search on Internet "What are the best things to do in.."), but allow yourself to wander around and exploring with the flow, because this is how you discover things and places you didn't expect and let's be honest, this is the whole purpose of a holiday, right?

See my article : How to Travel when you're a Control Freak.

Equally, leave yourself at least one free day when you have nothing planned so you can rest, do some shopping and go back to your favourite places.

Ready for your next trip?

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Happy travels!

With love,

Eileen - Pretty Little Mantras.

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