• Eileen Bremer

Have you been to the Secret Garden of Perth?

The city of Perth, Australia is a place of beautiful treasures. One of them is a gorgeous hidden gem located in the Stirling area, northern suburb : The Secret Garden.

Also called Careniup Wetlands by the residents of Gwelup, this park is an amazing green wonderland that seems straight out of a fairy tale and has drawn the admiration of many Instagrammers.

The Secret Garden is the perfect place for a quiet picnic or a promenade on a Sunday afternoon with your favorite person.

It is also the place I had my first photoshoot behind the camera! The colours, the weather, the atmosphere, everything was perfect to make it magical.

Here are a sample of the photos I took.

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and go explore this little piece of beauty with your friends and family!

With love,

Eileen - Pretty Little Mantras



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