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Your Funniest Travel Stories

Updated: May 9, 2019

A friend told me one day "Your worst experiences sometimes end up being your best memories."

And when you travel, it is not unusual to experience dodgy situations you didn't expect. That's what makes the most of it.

So for the occasion, I asked a few friends to share their best memories while travelling. It is hilarious when everything goes right and all of a sudden, something goes wrong and it makes the story absolutely delightful.

In this article, I combined 9 funny travel stories for you.

Sit down, grab a drink and enjoy !

Marnie, from Australia

Where ? Turkey

When ? April 2003

« After chatting for a bit, he changed the subject. »

I was travelling through the country with a friend of mine. I always recommend to visit those countries with a male and if you are friends, pretend that you’re siblings or married.

We were on a bus to the Bodrum Village to see the architectural style of the houses that look like sugar cubes. We stopped along the way for a break and while my friend and I were enjoying a freshly squizzed orange juice, a man approached him and asked him if he would allow him my hand in marriage for some camels and goats. I was so shocked to hear that but of course, my friend declined.

I’m not sure why they tought an aussie guy travelling would do with all that livestock !

Anyway, a few days later, we were in the Kusadasi region and after spending the day visiting amazing ruins at Ephesus, an ancient Greek city, we were drinking an apple tea in a rug shop when a man came to talk to us. He sat down and started telling us the stories of the rugs and it turned out he was an archeologist who worked at the museum. It was such an intereting conversation and after chatting for a bit he changed the subject and started saying he didn’t have a lot but his family was quite well off and offered my friend three camels, two goats and some sheep if I would marry him.

I was like « What ? Again ?! »

Apparently my blonde hair and blue eyes were what they were looking for.

Talisa, from France

Where ? Perth, Australia

When ? February 2017

« Maybe it was just my imagination »

I moved in an appartment with a friend, for quite a cheap price and non-furnished. The night we arrived, I was lying on my mattress reading a book.

I thought I saw a massive bug running on my mattress for a second so I started panicking, shaking up my blanket and I screamed at my roommate to come check my room.

We didn’t find anything so I thought maybe it was just my imagination but I wasn’t feeling very confident.

I went back to bed with a big paranoia and two hours later, I got up to grab a glass of water. I walked into the kitchen, turned on the light and …

Hundreds of cockroaches were crawling in the sink, on the fridge, on the floor, in the cupboards,…


The owner hadn’t cleaned the dishwasher for more than 6 months.

It smelled horribly gross.

We bought a special product and sprayed the whole appartment, called the owner to tell him to clean the bloody dishwasher.

After a few days and a cleaned kitchen, we went back to a normal routine but some cockroaches survived the spray and it wasn’t unusual to bump into one of them while I was taking a shower.

Fun times being a backpacker in Australia !

Stefanie, from Belgium

Where ? Taghazout, Morocco

When ? February 2014

« We heard sirens calling from behind. »

At the time, I was living in Agadir and that day,I went on a road trip with my best friend. We borrowed a colleague’s car and started driving towards the ocean.

It was a big road with almost no traffic. At an intersection, I turned right ignoring the stop sign and kept driving.

A few seconds later we heard sirens calling from behind : the police.

I pulled over feeling a bit upset, the two cops came to us and said they had to fine us for not stopping.

Of course, I wasn’t going to pay a fine so I bribed them with cigarettes. I mean, we’re in Morroco, it may work !

They looked at me, I looked at them … They took my whole pack of cigs and let us go.

Long live bribing in Africa !

Yvette, from Australia

Where ? Athens, Greece

When ? July 2018

« Thank God I’ll die another day »

I just finished a quick Europe tour and I was flying to Germany the next day to meet some friends. The plan was to relax after an exhausting time partying. I was walking alone in the heat of Athens, dragging my suitcase around, I couldn’t speak or understand greek , I had no internet on my phone but after I got some KFC on the way, I finally found my hotel.

My room was on the basement level so no window, but all I wanted to do is to eat chicken, watch a movie and go to sleep.

I realised that my laptop was flat so I went to plug the adaptor and charge it into the wall. But as I plugged it… SPARK ! Pitch black.

I thought at this point it was just in my room until I heard people next door « Oooh no, the electricity is out ». Shoot, I actually blown out the entire hotel ! They were going into my room to try to fix it !

I was naked in the dark, I didn’t have my phone next to me, and of course no window so no source of light.

I tried to find some clothes to cover my body without success.

I could hear footsteps down the hall and I was freaking out ! I found the way to the bathroom, I grabbed the shower curtain and wrapped it around me. The footsteps sounded coming closer and closer as I was preparing myself for a very awkward situation, all the lights turned on. No one was coming into my room.

I stayed like this for a minute and I thought « Thank God, I’ll die another day. »

Nicola, from Germany

Where ? Kalbari, WA – Australia

When ? April 2013

« Is that a good idea ?! »

My friend and I were backpacking and at that time we were completely broke. We needed another Woofing plan, so find a farm to stay. We met a couple on Internet who could welcome us so we jumped on a bus. They picked us up and we had dinner with them and an aussie guy who worked for them in the farm. After dinner he decided to go shooting and told us to come with him.

We jumped in the car, we drove to the bush and he said « Hold the guns, girls » and threw three rafles at us. He then gave us two cans of beer. « You have to drink it ». Like, what ? Is that a good idea to get drunk before shooting, and by all means, with a complete stranger ?

We stopped in the middle of nowhere and as we got out of the car, he told us to close our eyes and load and unload the guns.

What the hell were we doing ?!

We did it, he showed us the empty cans of beer (because yes, we drank’em) and said « You passed the test ».

What ?!

Turned out we had to drink the beer to use the empty cans to shoot and we had to learn how to load a gun in the dark.

We had a great shooting session and no one was hurt.

We had a great time at the farm, I’m still in touch with this family, and the guy is now one of my best friends !

Rachel, from Scotland

Where ? Phnom Penh, Cambodia

When ? October 2018

« It was such a warm night. »

I got selected for a Charity trip in Cambodia with the company I work for. I’d never been there and I worked extremely hard to win my spot. The first night we got there I was so happy, we were sitting on a rooftop bar basking in the beautiful vibes of Cambodian air drinking cocktails with my co-workers. I was having such an amazing moment.

Then I felt a raindrop on my shoulder, I raised my head and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a massive dark cloud appeared in the sky and a big thunder hit us. I stand in the rain, feeling strangely grateful because it was such a warm night. But the rain got extremely heavy, we had to run outside the bar to find a tuk-tuk back to the hotel.

I was so drenched but riding through the rain puddles in a different country was quite a fun experience !

Timothy, from Australia

Where ? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When ? February 2014

« That message alone took hours to go through. »

It was Uni break so I just spent 2 weeks holidays in Japan to visit my brother and go snowboarding. On my last day back to Tokyo it started snowing decently in the city which rarely happens and results in their trains stopping at 5pm while my flight was at 10pm. So I left early to get to the airport and waited around for my flight.

« Your flight has been delayed due to heavy snow, we’ll update you in an hour. » the message repeated at 1am and they started repeating it with an update frequency of every 2 hours.

This kept up until 9 :30 on the morning when we finally heard our flight would leave at 10 :30am and we would be assigned our new transfer flight when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur and refused to give any more information than this.

After arriving in KL they started calling our names and assigning us our transfer flights and mine was 3 days later…

We were lead to a bus which took us to a hotel to wait for our flights. There was barely any wifi, just enough to message my family about what was happening, and that message alone took hours to go through. I couldn’t even inform anyone from university. To make matters worse I didn’t have any cash or credit cards on me. So all I had to eat over the next 3 days was the massive assortment of the weirdest packaged food I’d managed to find in Japan. This included candied fish on a stick and fairy floss that turned into bubblegum.

After settling at the hotel I went to have a walk around the area as I’d never seen Kuala Lumpur before, but there was basically nothing near this hotel. Virtually no wildlife, just one or two shops. So I spent the next 3 days, walking around, seeing hardly anything, listening to the few albums I’d downloaded for my flights.

I finally got my plane back to Perth.

And I ended up missing my first two days of Uni.

Kimberley, from USA

Where ? Aruba Island (off the coast of Venezuela)

When ? November 2016

« It turned into a 4 miles hike »

I was spending holidays with my mum. We wanted to see the Natural Pool, also known as ‘Conchi’ or ‘Cura di Tortuga’, but the paid tours with the jeeps to get there were really expensive. So we found the nearest place we could park our little car in the Arikok National Park and I suggested to my mum that we hike there on our own. On the map, it looked like an easy walk towards the ocean and up the shore line and estimated it to be 1.9 km hike.

But it turned into a 4 miles hike one way through rought terrain ! We were walking over hilly and rocky areas. It was such a pain ! Eventually we found the place, completely exhausted. But it was worth it. The Natural Pool and its crystal clear water is definitely a must-do, just be prepared if you access it on foot !

We decided to hitchhike back with some locals and sat in the boot of a truck bouncing around as it drove over the rought terrain. My mum wasn’t looking very happy. On top of that, one of the guy was fancying me but needed his cousin to translate his Spanish into English so he could communicate with me. I found it quite funny.

Lorraine, from England

Where ? Phuket, Thailand

When ? February 2010

« I really needed to freaking move. »

It was right after the famous Full Moon Party on Hat Rin beach and we were about to use the slide that goes from the top grass verge to the beach. I had done it before and it was so much fun but this time there was a huge tropical rain overnight so the sand was as solid as a brick.

I slid down and when I landed I hit my bum so hard on the sand I felt the impact through my whole spine and I swear it was like my brain hit the top of my skull.

I actually bruised my coccyx. I didn’t make any sound because I was so confused but I could’t move.

My friend who was still at the top of the slide was hesitating and asked me if something was wrong. She got very scared and the guy behind her said « don’t be such a pussy ! » and pushed her.

As she slid I was like « Oh my god, I really need to freaking move now » so I slowly rolled on the side.

She landed, hit the ground and screamed. She couldn’t move either. She bruised her coccyx too !

The pain was so bad we couldn’t sit or lie down so we had to stand all night. The thing is we were flying back home the next day so how the hell were we going to do this if we couldn’t even sit down ?!

We went to the pharmacist and told him to give us the strongest stuff he had. He gave us morphine.

I have never been able to sleep on a plane until this time when I slept all the way from when we took off until we landed !

Quickest flight ever !

Hope you had a great time reading these stories !

Never be scared for new experiences. You'll always have a story to tell.

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