women empowering | photography event

I recently launched my first event in a studio to celebrate all the strong and independant women in this world. My goal was to capture three amazing ladies and their personalities and share their stories in order to remind women to never give up on their dreams.

Thank you to Jeremy from River Road Studios, Bayswater and Julieana Hamid Abdul for their collaboration.


Ela did an incredible job and basically posed like a pro, representing perfectly our Women Empowering theme. She is a beautiful theatre actress who came all the way from Krakow, Poland, 3 weeks ago.

Super comfortable in her body, extremely charismatic and the sexiest accent I've ever heard!

Those photos are dedicated to all the women of the world, who have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and travel on their own.

You go girl! 


I'm so happy Laura came to the studio for this experience. I wanted to capture her stunning natural beauty and I can say she had a lot of fun! I love how she can be goofy and graceful and the same time.

I've known Laura for a year and I've always admired her genuine personality. It's so rare to find someone so kind, sweet and selfless. She doesn't care what people think of her, she doesn't care how many "likes" she gets, and it's the best example every woman should follow.

Don't look for validation.

Don't do things because everybody does it, do it because you want to.

Every woman should have the freedom to be the way they want to be. Not to please everyone else, but only to be happy with themselves.

You go girl! 


Charlene was a bit freaked out to be part of the show but I am so grateful she came and amazed about the result!

Her story is so inspiring and made me realise what a great idea it was to create this event.

Charlene grew up in South Africa and had her son at a very young age, and experienced all the struggles a mother can have. 

A few years ago she got out of a toxic relationship where she lost her confidence and belief to move forward. 

Her amazing smile emblemetizes all the sacrifices she made for her child and all the times she was heartbroken, but also the courage to start a new path and remain happy no matter what.

Charlene is turning 40 next month, and she is about to start her own business. She found a loving partner and her 21 years old son must be proud to have such a beautiful and strong mum.

It's never too late to start over. We have the right to be ambitious and feel beautiful in our minds and our bodies. Chase what you want the most and don't let anyone hold you down. No matter the challenges, you can learn how to dance through the fire. 

You go girl! 

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